The quality and incomparable flavor
The perfect combination between temperature, light, little rain, too much heat, low humidity and soil fertility, creates the perfect setting to harves high-quality fruit, rich in vitamins, more vivid, more sugars and different scores of flavor.

The Limes commercialized by TranscomexGG are Global Gap Certified and partnered with the Producers Association of Jaíba’s Lime(Aslim), located on the Road MG, 633KM23, began its business activities in 2004, incorporated as a legal entity of private rights non-profit. Brings together 15 partners and 86 cooperating (collaborators on the volume of fruit) using 300 thousand feet in an área of approximately 400 acres in production with the prospect of a significant increase in planted area in the coming years. Currently generates on the Packing-House and on the associated properties about 150 direct jobs.

Palmer Mango:
The products commercialized by TranscomexGG are Global Gap Certified and grown directly in the Jaíba’s region. In the case of Palmer mango are over 110 producers working in an area of 333 hectares with a production of 570 tons per year. To ensure quality, the mango trees are irrigated daily with water and fertilizer at the base of the trunk. The fruit so receives a layer of white wash to protect it from the sun. With technical assistance and care given to cultivation, more than 90% of the mangos are utilized and over 35% of the costs are reduced.