Jaíba's Region

Perfect weather in the heart of the São Francisco River

Located in the North of Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil, the Jaíba's region is composed of seven municipalities occupying an area of 10,829 km2. The combination between climatic conditions, fertile soil and controlled irrigation creates the perfect scenery for the production of various tropical fruit swith superior quality.

Climatic conditions:
Daily sun Average: 7 hours and 40 minutes
Annual temperature Average: Minimum:18ºC /64.4 °Fand Maximum: 32ºC /89.6°F
Altitude Average: 500 meters / 1640ft 53⁄64in
Annual rainfall Average: 940mm

A new ambition born along with the Jaíba’s Region.

Our purpose is to improve the way producers, governments, markets and consumers relate with the fruits, generating mores the to the business and making the Jaíba’s Region a new global benchmark in orcharding.

The fruit sand the orcharding are as transforming agents bringing vitality not only for consumers, but also society and the business a cross theJaíba’s region.